Why a D.O.C.?


I didn't want to talk to vendors on my wedding day, worry about whether or not deliveries were arriving on time, deal with set up or decorations, etc.  I wanted to hire someone else to be the ring leader (and I'm so glad I did!). The result of working with you was that I didn't think AT ALL about vendors or set up or decorations on my wedding day, which was a true dream come true. All I did on my wedding day was enjoy getting ready with my best friend and mom, being in-the-moment during my marriage ceremony, and having a wonderful party with all my friends and family.” - Dina

The transporting of the vases and all of my other things was invaluable.  The fact that you organized everything after the reception and we could continue the fun was a huge plus.  I also loved that right before the ceremony, you would come in and say how many minutes were left until we go.  If I had to watch the clock on my own, I would have gotten way more overwhelmed, especially since I didn't have a lot of confidence in the hotel.” - Jill

What did you value most?

I can't name just one thing, but I could say there were three things I valued the most: 1. You were eager and willing to step into an organizer's role weeks in advance. I could tell you were "on it" way ahead of time and that allowed me to be able to let go of everything on the day-of by the time the day arrived. 2. Your calm demeanor and kindness were truly invaluable.  You were always so sweet to me, and that made me get my positive attitude back when wedding planning was stressing me out. 3. You have very impressive organizational skills. I sent you a billion emails and I didn't always explain what they were or how to interpret a contract or an agreement with a vendor.  But you kept it all straight and pieced together a timeline that made sense and I didn't need to be involved at all.” - Laura

I would tell people that the whole experience was better because you were involved.  It made it so much easier for me to focus on enjoying things instead of worrying about when to unroll the aisle runner or which vase went where. You were always quick to respond to emails which was great and during the week of the wedding, you coordinated with the vendors so I didn't have to. Also, Jay was SUPER nervous before the ceremony and I think that having you there to say, "This is when you go!" really made him a lot more comfortable.” - Jess


From A Few Recent Brides when asked why they hired a DOC:

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